Monday, March 25, 2024

Opeation Vicious

 Yesterday my son Terjoe and I had a game of Kill Team, with him using the Kommando Orks once again and me trying to use the Voidscarred Corsairs decently this time. We chose the 1.3 mission of Soulshackle, Cryptogrammic Raid where the goal is to acitvate terminals for victory points. The board is not quite symetertic however and as defended Terjoe select the side with two hatchway access to two rooms, whereas I would need to blast some walls to get in to them quickly.

Both of us quickly moved to our small consoles and activated them (we could not activate the big consoles in our drop zones, but we could activate the big console in the opposite side for extra VPs) and I moved troops into position to guard the centre hall and blast into the Hololith console room.
The orks however wasted no time getting into the hololith room and setting the Snipa boy on guard duty, ready to blast the first pointy ears he saw.

I blasted the wall and my concealed Fatedealer dealt some fate to the Rokkit boy, wounding him in turn 1 and finished him off at the top of turn 2. First blood!

But for every action.... I opened up the cetnre hallway door and blasted the squig with my blaster. I rolled two hits (but no crits) and at AP 2 against a model with a 6+ save I thought that would be enough so i opted not to reroll the misses, but Terjoe rolled the 6! The bomb squig survived with 1 wound! OH NO!

Terjoe immediatelly activated the wound squig, and with half its face melted off it ran and threw itself at the Eldar. BOOM! First time ever the squig made it to combat. The blaster gunner who fumbled the shooting died into many pieces but somehow the Shade Runner survived without any damage.

Meanwhile, in the adjacent small console rooms both sides got ready for the breach. The orks detonated the charge but the Eldar rushed through!

The Kurnathia swordmaster easily dispatched the Slasha boy but the Dakka boy took revenge by shooting the Hunter and his bird through the door. It was a bloody fight! 

The Breacha boy ran into to prepare to fight the swordmaster next turn but before he could, the Shade Runner whipped a plasma grenade into the Dakka boy and killed him and severely wounded the Breacha boy. The Felarch and Soulweaver then prepared to join the fray.

Exiting the Hololith room, the Nob ran and krumped the Fatedealer earning two extra VPs for a headhunter Tac Op, but the duelist made him pay with fusion pistol deadliness. 

Meanwhile the Burna boy snuck up behind the Shade runner and Wayseeker in the centre hall and flamed them from the rear while the comms boy blasted them from the front!

AS the last turning point started, the Ork sole control of the Hololith started to tell as their lead became unsurrmountable and no amount of dancing could get me to the big console in the Ork deployment.

The wounded Shade runner tried to kill the comms boy but Terjoe use Just A Scratch to avoid death forcing me to use the Wayseeker. The Boy in the small console room finished off the Shade Runner while the Burna boy finished off the Wayseeker. But it was all just cleanup as the Orks won, 9 VPs to 8.

IN the hololith room, I could not kill the concealed Snipa boy but I prevent him from activating the console by hiding on the other side of it. In frustraiton, the Snipa boy whipped out a Sledgehammer and crushed the skull of the Eldar.

Great game, both of us with only two models left, but the Orks early advantage of activating two consoles to the Eldar one paid off. I got 4 Tac Ops VPs to his 3, but the console advantage won the day.

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