Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Return ofthe Black Storm

About 16 years ago when I last played Warhammer 40K, I had two main arimes: Craftworld Eldar and Chaos Space Marines. In Kill Team I have scratched the Eldar itch and this Christmas I got a box of the Chaos Space Marine Legionaries:

After I put the models together I was faced with the question of how was I going to paint them. Unlike the Eldar that I stripped and repainted with a new paint schema using new techniques all those years ago, my Chaos Space marines never really got past the drybrushing phase. And with all the new constrast paints and techniques available on Youtube now, I have a lot of options open to me.

First off, I knew I was not going to be anything but Chaos Undivided. None of the chaos gods appeal strongly with their fanaticism so it was going to be something else.

I leaned at first towards Alpha Legion. I like their background and their symbology of Hydras. But I would have needed to buy like 5 different new paints to get their scheme correct and that was a no go for me. Night lords are fanatics in a different way and I don't like the look. Word Bearers were a possibility, but I just did the Eldar in red and black and I did not want to go that way again. Iron Warriors I never really liked (and always get them confused with Iron Hands, like dudes, pick different metals). That left Black Legion or once again roll my own.

I decided to try and paint a test model in the old Black Storm schema because why do Black Legion black and gold instead of my own black silver?

While at first glance its like I'm just back where I was 16 years ago, there are a lot of differences. The bone work is much nices, the contrast paints for some details like the brown and metal sword are nice touches, the red is more subtle and less overwhelming.

I decided I needed a second model test.

Yep, I'm sold. The Black Storm, the Scourges of the Draconis Sector, are coming back. All hail Quintara, the god of Chaos Undivided!

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