Friday, December 29, 2023


 A little Xmas break kill team action, me using my Corsair Voidscarred kill team versus my son Terjoe using the Kommando orks.

The mission was Elminate from Octarius book where the defenders (Kommandos) get half the board and their Nob can get VPs every turn by doing an action close to the objective, and the Attackers (my Eldar) are trying to kill him.

The orks got half the board to setup and I deployed in my zone and got ready to rush the right side.

The Kommandos however were not without firepower of their own on my right side (his left).

On the other flank the two snipers made short work of the Bomb Squig and Kurnite hunter in the middle, which devolved into a stalemate.

Sniper concealed from each other but ready to vapourize anyone foolish enough to poke their head up.

I rushed into postion against the wall.

And charged up in Turning Point 2 to take the fight to the Orks!

The combat went back and forth as reinforcements poured into the melee from both sides, with the snipers and gunners taking out anyone who was unenaged (before getting absolutely blasted right thereafter).

Finally the last two fighters were dueling, the Wayseeker and the Breacha boy, when the Nob said "Fine, I'll do it myself." He charged in and wrecked the last Corsair with ease.

The lone surviving Eldar, sensing the doom is near, ran away.

Lots of missteps, and perhaps charging into the orks was not ideal, but I did not know how else to pry that Nob out of his position. Tough mission. Next time we will switch roles and see how Terjoe does on the attack!

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