Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Battle of the Hall

 Last Friday I got together with some friends for some Kill Team. Four of us decided to put two Gallowdark boards together and do a free for all fight while two others had a regular (no pics, sorry). 

I had my reliable Veteran Guard team, to my right was Kommando Orks, to my left the Dark Eldar, er Drukari, and across the board the Necrons. There were 6 objectives to control, two worth 1 pt per round, two worth 2 pts per round, and two in the centre hallway worth 3 pts per round.

I split my team in half, one squad going right to face off with the orks over a close 1 point objective while the other half started the march towards that delicous 3 pointer.

On the other side, the Eldar and Necrons started manuvuring for shots.

The Orks and the Guard took turns getting into the cargo room and trading shots but while a guardsman went down the orks took the fire and laughed.
With the 1 point objective lost, the orks focused on the three point and the two point objectives.

Meanwhile the Necrons secured the other 1 pt objective while the Eldar ran forward to the two pointer...
And the three point objective ahead of my guard. So fast!
I opened the hatches and prepared to fight the orks for 2 pts and Eldar for 3 pts...
The fight over the two point was brutal with sniper fire from other rooms and charges into combat. We traded blows but no one could secure the point.

On the other side, the fight over the two point objective was just as brutal with the Dark Lance doing extra work.

For the three point objective the battered orks prepared to push the Necrons off it.

The Eldar threw a poison grenade throuhgh the hatch and several guardsmen started to wither but vowed to fight to their last breath! Meanwhile the orks held the door and fought back the guard from pouring into the two point objective.

At the end of round three it was getting late (not young men anymore) and we stopped there, the Dark Elrdar holding a three point and two point objective, the Necrons with a three point and 1 point, and the guard holding only a 1 point. The orks claimed victory because they had the most fun. ;)

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