Saturday, February 03, 2024

The Monty Hall Problem

 My son and I decided to get more familiar with the Close Quarters rules so we set up a simple board and 6 Secure objectives using the Tactical Ops deck and he decided to use my Kommandos and I figured it was time to get my Undivided Chaos Legionaries out for a spin even though they are only half painted.

Board is a symeterical setup with 6 objectives worth 1 pt each to secure.The four rooms each have a door to each side but no laterally moving doors so it turns into 5 zones. 

In Zone 1 I move up the Heavy Gunner to lock it down with a threatening aura while the Comms boy rushed in and secured an early objective.

In the middle zone 3 I set up for a charge through the door next turn with my daemonic possessed Anointed, meanwhile...
The orks piled into zone 5 and I secured zone 4.

The orks prepared for anything in zone 2 while the grot secures the objective on the ork side of zone 3 hallway.

The bomb squig was on the other side of the door of zone 4 so I decided to poke the bear and it exploded in my face, wounding my Balefire acolyte but NOT the Dakka boy. Boo!

I was willing to sacrifce the Acolyte for getting rid of the bomb squig and distracting the Rokki Boy, but my son saw an opportunity and shot past the Acolyte to the other door where my unsuspecting plasma gunner took a rokkit full on to the face, the splash damage scarring the Shrivetalon. This is not good.

To counter, I sent the Annointed  through the central door to charge the grot and slaughter him and then easily dispatched the Breacher boy. 

The flames, they doo (almost) nothing! Despite the toughness, the Annointed charged the flamer and snipa boy but took a fist to the face and fell.

Meanwhile, back in zone 5 the nob gets through to the chaos side and begins a cunnin' flankin' move!

The heavy gunner moved into position and blasted the exposed snipa boy and then later overwatched the flamer boy. Revenge!

Feeling a victory slipping away, Terjoe sent the rokkit boy in deep and utterly blasted the Shrivetalon through the wall...

... but was quickly dispatched by a daemon sword through the pancreas.

The orks however had controlled the outside zones and held the centre, so the victory points were piling up.

The Nob charged in and despite the skill of the Chosen he could not avoid two quick punches to the face with a power klaw and went down.

Surrounded, outnumbered, and no hope of victory, I conceded to save my Reaperchain cannon.

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