Saturday, November 11, 2023

Kill Team - Veteran Guardsmen versus Arbites Extraction Squad on the Gallowdark

Last night I had the pleasure to meet up with my friend E and get a game of Kill Team in on his awesome Gallowdark terrain. The pieces are so modular and we set them up like this for a mission in a spacious hanger with corridors on the outside and doors that can open and close into the hanger.

The orange dice are markers that have to be investigated for the actual objects to control to win the game.

I selected my trusty Veteran Guardsmen since they are pretty forgiving with lots of numbers and a few decent guns, and E used his space police, the Arbites Extraction Squad.

Firefights ensued in the side corridors...

... where casualties on both sides mounted. Meanwhile in the hanger guardsmen and arbites hunkered for cover while trooper Jim from Iowa got lucky and found an objective on the first roll. He took a bullet in the shoulder but was still healthy enough to pick up the objective and run out of the hanger.

In the left corridor bodies hit the floor as shots and bursts of flames were traded:

But close quarter combat erupted in the right corridor as the K9 unit flew through the hatch to rip into a guardsmen followed closely by the Proctor-exactant. 

But the tide began to turn as a slice of a powersword put end to the growls of the beast and a krak grenade sent the Proctor flying back through the hatch, never to get up again.

In the hanger more spots were searched by both sides but still no more objectives appeared, and shots traded back and forth killed more (expect my melta gun gunner who could hit nothing!).

In the end only the one objective carried by Jim from Iowa was found and he hit in the back of my deployment zone, calling on the comms for help. 
Great game that came down to only the one objective being found. Just another 6 on the dice or two and it would have ended very differently.

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