Sunday, November 19, 2023

Kill Team - The Voidscarred Arrive!

 My son Terjoe and I set up for a game of Kill Team letting me use my Eldar Corsairs for the first time, against his Tau Pathfinders which is his second time playing. 

We set up the board with the big ork fortress in the middle, and 5 objectives spread out evenly, one on top of the fortress and the other four around. It takes 1 AP to pick up an objective, and whoever carries the most at the end of the game wins (i.e. 1 VP per objective).

NOTE: we changed the map after the above picture to put the oil tanks equal distant between us.

The Eldar with their agility moved quickly onto the fortress to secure the high ground while the Tau adavanced on the flanks. Everyone was carefully concealed so no shooting early on, but the Eldar controlling the fortress had the Tau worried.

Turning point 2 arrived and the sound of thunder rolled as the Wayseeker called warp lightning to strike out on the right flank from the high ground on the oil rigging, and a brain Tau Grenadier climbed up to whip fusion grenades at the psyker. The wraithbone armour resisted the high energy and only wounded the Wayseeker.
Will the Fatedealer's long rifle keep the Tau at bay?

The Eldar on the fortress threw themselves off to charge at the Tau on the left flank, the Duelist using his fusion pistol to melt the big MB3 Recon drone to slag. Counter fire from multiple carbines missed or rang off his armour until the ion cannon of the Weapons Expert hit true. The weapons expert, now exposed though, wailed in terror as the Heavy Gunner with a Wraithcannon saw the movement and sucked half his body into the warp.

More fire exchanged and slowly the marker lights and accurate combined fire of the Tau pathfinders started to take their toll as corsair after corsair fell. The Felarch on the fortress with one objective fell to a rail gun round as the Soulweaver ran away with another one. 

The Tau gained complete control of the fortress and used the heights to finish off the Soulweaver and the Heavy Gunner. The Eldar Fatedeal, seeing his own fate sealed, did a heroic doomed charge to try and exact a small measure of revenge but the Tau Marksmen was protected enough by his armour to survive and deliver devastating return fire .

As the last Corsair's body tumbled off the edge of the fortress, the Tau cheered in victory.

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