Saturday, November 11, 2023

Kill Team Game Photos

 I was talking with a friend about the game and realized I never posted photos of actual games of Kill Team on here. So lets get some on here.

June 2023 - Tutorial Games of Veteran Guardsmen versus Ork Kommandos

These games were from the tutorial booklet with just the terrain that came in the basic box with my two sons


July 2023 - Full game of Orks versus Veterans, starting to get the feel of it now with the awesome Octarius terrain. 

Why does it always come down to the last few dice rolls!

August 2023 - Ork Kommandos versus Tau Pathfinders. My son got the Tau and they were as shooty as expected, but I was the one that remembered that objective markers are the only markers that count!

Now that we're caught up, I can post about my game last night!

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