Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Throne of Eldraine and My Mono Black Dreadhorde Invasion Deck

Disclaimer: I'm a filthy casual.

I know my Mono Black Dreadhorde deck is not super competitive and will not take me high in the ladder rankings. I don't care. It gets me to Gold tier and that is fine with me. If you want to give me some advice on how to improve it, that would be great. If you comment to tell me why I'm stupid save your breath.

Now, on to the post.

With Throne of Eldraine cards available in Magic Arena I scoured through them and found some good replacements for the cards rotating out that I talked about last time.

One of my favourites is Murderous Rider. Not only is it a better Murder with its ability to target planeswalkers, its also a 2/3 creature with lifelink that I can cast later which helps get that 2 life back that I lost in casting the Swift End adventure. The flexibility is amazing and an awesome replacement for Ravenous Chupacabra.

Another great replacement has been Bake Into A Pie which not only gets rid of a creature but gives me a food token I can sacrifice for life later. Its not quite as efficient as Vraska's Contempt but works well nonetheless.

I'm still looking for a good replacement for the Reassmebling Skeleton as the Sanitarium Skeleton is so mana intensive to get back on the battlefield. I've considered Gutterbones as he requires one less mana but requires I do damage to the opponent and can only bring him back on my turn.

Currently my deck is using 3 x Cavalier of Night which is a card I love but I've been questioning its place in this deck as I have fewer cards I care to sacrifice for his Enters the Battlefield effect since the Reassembling Skeleton and Ravenous Chupacabra are gone. But his lifelink and ability to bring someone small back from the dead when he dies is so handy.

Anyways, here's my current incarnation:
Click for full size.
In case you can't tell, the goal is to get that Zombie army rolling and once its 6+ power just let it attack every turn. Love me some Dreadhorde Invasion!


  1. I haven't played Magic the Spending in years, but used to run a mono green deck, llanowar elves, birds of paradise for fast mana (the odd mox or two), aspect of wolf, giant growth, berserk for serious boosting, loved my elvish archers, but it was entirely possible to drop a force of nature (4 green 4 colorless) by turn 4. Cockatrice and basilisks for mid tier offense/defense. It was relentless to say the least. What was really cool though was the sideboard. Yank the big beasties and aspects and drop in meekstones for control, add millstones and jesters caps and tear the heart out of your opponents deck just as an example of how it could so dramatically change with just a few cards pulled. Some really good memories flummoxing opponents from one match to the next :)

  2. Yeah, mono ramp green is still pretty dangerous and I'm fooled around with a Wolf synergy deck for fun. :)