Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Batman Arkham Choices

Celebrating 80 Years of Batman with Free Games!
Holy free games, Batman!
80 years ago the Caped Crusader appeared to fight for justice and stole our hearts with his mystery and valor. To celebrate, we’re offering six Batman titles for free this week in the Epic Games store. (Yes, you read that right - six free games!) Grab these titles for free until September 26 (10:59 AM EDT)!

Lego Batman Trilogy
LEGO® Batman™: The Videogame
LEGO® Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes
LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham

Batman Arkham Collection
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Batman: Arkham City
Batman: Arkham Knight

Quick! To the Batcave! I mean... the Epic Games store!

Now I already have Arkham Asylum and Arkham Knight, but I had misplaced my DVD copy of Arkham City and I was super stoked to be able to pick it up for free since I already had a Epic Games Launcher on my PC for the kids playing Fortnight. So click and click and I started the download of my favourite Batman Arkham game.

Don't get me wrong: Batman Arkham Asylum was ground breaking and amazing in 2010 and still holds up today, but Arkham City is my favourite of the three I played extensively. It was a bigger and more wide open environment than its predecessor and appeared more fleshed out then the successor Arkham Origins, which despite being in an actual city felt like an empty stage upon which a few set piece amusement park rides were staged upon.

However, Arkham City is full of life and activity and things to explore and a great storyline and well implemented environment. I love it. This is my third time playing through.

Someday I'll give Arkham Knight a try again. Last time I tried it my computer lagged badly enough for me to quit after less than an hour.

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