Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Waiting for Eldraine (Ranked Limited Draft that is...)

As I wait for the Ranked Limited Draft format of Throne of Eldraine I've been looking at expanding my horizons as a Magic the Gathering player.

When I came back to the game after decades away I pretty much picked up the style of play that I left off at: a range of creature power levels, some spells, some removal. Basically what is know nowadays as a mid-range deck that hopes to survive the early onset of aggro decks and overpower spell heavy/control decks. This style eventually evolved into my Dreadhorde Rising mono-black which at the end of the day is just a mid-range deck.

With the Standard card rotation and getting to gold rank two "seasons" in a row I decided I needed to branch out and explore different, more exotic, deck types. As a bonus Arena gave me a bunch of decks as part of the renewal event which included ten pre-built decks of the 5 colour pairings. I took this gift as an opportunity to try out some decks I had not really explored in the past.

I played some Dimir UB control, Selensya GW tokens, Azorius UW control, Izzet UR spells matter, etc. I really found myself drawn to the Selensya token deck that went wide with numerous creatures first and then went tall with spells that boosted all of them at once. "I don't care if you have a 7/7, my seven 1/1s are now all 3/3 and linklink." Its a great feeling.

I started to get interested in net-decking a UB reanimator deck when my best friend pointed me at his Grixis reanimator deck on his Untapped profile. This deck is massively different from anything I've tried before, including trying to run with three colours, but my friend is really smart and good at MtG so I copied his deck list into Arena and spent my stored up wildcards to craft the necessary cards. (Lucky for me I already had three Drakuseth cards in my collection because "hey big dragon!".)

It was quite a mind bender at first, trying to figure out what to discard, when to surveil, how to survive, what lands I needed when, etc but after 12 games in regular play I felt I had gotten the knack of it, so I'm going to try this deck out in Standard Ranked to see if it can help propel me higher than Gold.

Wish me luck!

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