Thursday, June 21, 2018

Piper Came Calling

Four years ago, when I was first getting into capital ship construction with Orcas, I had a business arrangement with another industrialist who sold me Orca and component BPCs while I was building up my collection. He got burnt out and lent me multiple researched BPOs for my usage while he took a break.

After two years of using them and not being reminded they were loaners I started treating them like my own property. I got out of Orca building, moved into capital ships, and I didn't need some of the blueprints anymore... but I did need some ISK for new blueprints. So I sold them.

Fast forward to last month when I get an evemail from my old associate saying "Hey, remember those blueprints I lent you? I'm back in game and looking to start up production again!"

Oh crap.

Some of the blueprints I had and could just return, but four of them I needed to buy off contracts and they were not cheap! Since the blueprints were "owned" by me and not the corporation, I had to sell my personal shares back to the corporation for ISK to buy the contract to give back to the real owner, costing me out of pocket roughly 10-12 billion ISK.

For investors, there is no cost to the corporation since the ISK for those blueprints did not have to come out of the wallet. Liquid ISK went down, but that is about it.

Well, there is the pesky problem that I no longer have the complete set of BPOs for cap production...

Next week I'll get around to the late corporate audit and the next steps for the corporation.

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