Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Whatever Happened to Kirith Kodachi?

Last winter at work we had a Hackathon where we were given a day and a half of work time to build something, anything we wanted (preferably as an extension for one of our products) and then show it off the next day where a bunch of managers and product owners would score them. There were 17 presentations and my hackathon entry was one of them.

Various awards were given out, like Best Overall, Most Practical, etc and I was very proud to win the Why Haven't We Done It Yet award. I can't tell you what I did for reasons, but it was amazing cool, trust me.
Came with a Duck Trophy because reasons.

But the big thing is that the products owners and managers each got to award one week worth of team development effort to a hackathon idea they liked, and my project was awarded one of those development weeks. I was pleased as punch, I went around calling myself an award winning developer for months (jokingly).

Anyways, that promised week came around late last month and I've been hustling with my team working on making that hack sing (and its fucking working so nice, OMG, so proud) but that has taken all my free time and effort as I make this baby bloom. Coupled with end of school year activities, Canada day celebrations, and generally just trying to keep on top of everything and EVE time and blogging has suffered the most.

Hence the radio silence, but good news, the end is almost near and its time to get back on the space horse.

See you in space!

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