Thursday, February 15, 2018

Whatever Happened to Kirith Kodachi?

Ah man, I really meant to get back to blogging.

I'm still playing EVE, still building ships... but my normal blogging time during work hours has been squeezed out of the schedule entirely the past month.

Its all because of good news: at work in January I was put on a special 8 week project doing an interesting and exciting feature and the demands of this project are a little more intense due to the time limits and the amount of work that needs to be done. Its going well and my bosses are pleased and will soon be complete. Hopefully then I can pick up the blogging some.

In the meantime, next post coming hopefully soon will be about a board game I player last week...


  1. Obligatory "RL > EVE" confirmation :)

    But I think you touch upon what could be considered a weak spot of EVE (if not MMOs in general): to get fully engaged, one seems to need to establish a presence outside of the game itself as well, be it blogging, forum postings, or just availability on Discord/Slack. And a number of people seem to do that during work or class hours (good for them!).

    This leads to the obvious flip side: people who can't put in that amount of time are in danger of getting disenfranchised from the game, because since in-game actions are only a fraction of the player interactions, those people are inevitably missing out. I know that I stopped blogging due to a lack of time, and I've totally given up on the forums right in my first year because I couldn't keep up in the free time I could spare for EVE.

    There is probably no real point to the above ramble of mine, so consider it an observation. But I am curious how many other players are in a similar situation.

  2. Druur/Krith,
    I agree with Druur. But, IMHO, EVE is even more so... There has been no other MMO that I have known or seen, and all the other gamers I know say the same... that EVE is a time sink of epic proportions, thankfully offset by being a GAME of epic proportions, mostly.

    I spent near 7 years face first in EVE... playing, blogging, on TS3 (Vent, Mumble) and in person. Since I moved out (separated from the soon 2BX) I have found real life much more engaging.

    I am having less yet much better time with my kids... granted they are now teens and, as my father would say, it appears we have worked our way through the 50 beatings required to transform them from wild aminals to "people". Hence they are now vastly more interesting AS people instead of just children, AND I has a gurlfren who is VASTLY more interesting then... well, than anything else period.

    I am busy with work and my personal time focus is now sailing... which is an even worse (and far more expensive) time sink (and sheer JOY) than EVE or any mere (yes I said mere) game could ever be to me.

    But all in all... yes. RL>EVE. My RL improved drastically = my EVE life decreased, drastically.

    So it goes.