Friday, February 16, 2018

A Game of Thrones 2nd Ed Rematch

I got together with the same guys as my first game last September and had a rematch in which I hoped to do a lot better than last time. Here are some pictures and comments.
Token Rules

Initial Setup

Turn 2, everyone making early claims.

Turn 3, things getting interesting.

The Great Wall of the Lions

Developing my positions in the South.

Meanwhile, in the North Greyjoy moves inland.

Lanister has moved towards King's Landing, but High Garden eyes cutting off their supply lines.

What a bunch of nerds!

I've backstabbed Bartheon and made public my Secret Alliance with High Garden, but in a surprise move Greyjoy comes down around the continent to attack a castle in my backyard and makes a push for winning early with 7 castles.

In the North, Stark launches a counter-offense against the Greyjoys.

Bartheon takes and defends King's Landing from the Lanisters who have left their home fortresses exposed.

Turn 6 and Greyjoy reinforces the Southern beachhead while Martel's fleet moves to force them off.

A successful repelling of the invaders!

Lanister was attacked by Bartheon, High Garden, and Stark breaking their power. They never really recovered.

Stark and Bartheon face off over the western sea.

By the start of Turn 7 and the Greyjoy threat has been neutralized and the alliance of Martel and High are looking strong... too strong.

Greyjoy, at the behest of his new Stark masters, launches another ill-fated assault on the south.

Meanwhile, in the north, Stark gathers strength on both seas for raids up and down the coast.

Removing the Greyjoy ability to attack the north.

Turn 9 and High Garden is looking strong as they take Kings Landing and push into Lanister territory, but the Greyjoy / Stark secret alliance is poised to resist. Ba

Stark removes High Garden from one castle and plots the next move.

An assault Martel made on Bartheon failed miserably in turn 8, so stands very weakened at the opening of turn 9. 

Greyjoy eyes up Lanister Port.

The Starks control a lot of territory across the north and west, but spread thin; only the fleet holds all the forces together.

Beginning of turn 10 and Stark hold 6 castles, but Bartheon attack on the sea has broken a vital supply line.

On turn 9, Martel finally takes the sea around Dragonstone, but too late for me to make a push.

On turn 9 Stark brought the unruly Greyjoy mainland holdings under control, strengthening their position for the big turn 10 push.

Mustering at the beginning of turn 10 and everyone has new armies to order. Let the chaos commence!

Orders are made...

Lines are drawn...

Lanister tries to be relevant...

Orders revealed! With first turn I launched an attack to take the castle just north of King's Landing from Stark! Stark counter attacked and killed my troops but my house card's special ability prevent him from moving in and taking it. Stark was not impressed.

Bartheon and High Garden jostle over a castle in the south of King's Landing as Bartheon regains the sea around Dragonstone.

High Garden's attack is successful!
That last castle put High Garden and Stark in a tie with 6 each. But High Garden had more strongholds (3-1) and that tie breaker put them on top.

Personally I did better than last time and while I didn't come close to winning I was able to play king maker and help my ally win, so I'm taking it as a moral victory.

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  1. I’m happy to say that The Night’s Watch play nothing like any of the other ruling houses, exactly as it should be. Rather, they’re interested in protecting The Wall- a card in their deck that gives EVERYBODY +1 strength AND 2 power every single turn, but only if they oppose every attack directed at them. On top of this, they’re all about sacrifice. Cards that prevent death, or make the most of it.