Monday, February 05, 2018

Eyes in the Sky

As time marches on, I notice that the regular faces I see in my Sunday Night Fleets change as people move on and new people fill in the spots. This is fine, this is EVE, and change is the only constant. And its always a big deal when an old familiar face comes back for a roam in Black Rise.

But one upshot of this phenomenon is that sometimes I find myself without a reliable scout as the fleet starts up. Last night I was trying out my Worm frigate and decided that I was tough enough and fast enough to be the scout for the Destroyer and Frigate Kitchen Sink fleet.

Man, scouting takes me back a decade or so. Being the eyes of the fleet was the first real role in PvP that I learned to do besides being an F1 key presser. Looking for bad guys, reporting numbers and ship types and alliances all before the advent of copy paste scan results into website parsers. And getting that hero tackle on that fleeing ship we proceed to gank... heaven.

I didn't do too much hero tackling last night and most of the kills were from two pilots from the Imperium who kept bringing bigger ships against us despite knowing we outnumbered them considerably (so props to them for providing content), but it was a good time and nice to feel the space dust of low sec in my face again.

And I love the Worm, what a nice little tough frig.

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