Thursday, March 01, 2018

To Top It All Off

What a month February has been!

A family member dying (expected) and another family member requiring triple bypass heart surgery (unexpected) and the accompanying funerals and hospital visits and multiple hours of driving over weekends in a row... and I was pretty wiped out this past Monday.

So when I logged in to start manufacturing jobs in my Raitaru I was not altogether shocked to see life deal another unexpected blow to my sanity. My alt corp had been war dec'd.

I tried some negotiation first as I saw the small 4 man corp's CEO was once a member of a Gallente Militia corporation but to no avail. According to him they had been contracted to remove my Engineering complex from the high sec system but for the low price of 600 million they could be convinced to leave it alone.

Yeah, I'm not new here. Either he runs a terrible mercenary corp that does not follow through on contracts, or he's running a shake down. Either way, I politely declined and turned to my alliance for advice as the report of my structure being put into armour was received the next day.

They did not disappoint.

Immediately they told me to open the war declaration to allies and FEDUP joined. The next day even though the reinforcement timer ended at 4pm in the afternoon my time, the call was put out and for pilots to help defend and when the time came a fleet of 12+ pilots answered the call, as well as myself with Kirith in the gunner's seat (since he could not be in a spaceship without attracting the police) and my alt Korneilia in a Hurricane.

A single war target showed up in local as the clock ticked down, and promptly left without a word. The 15 minute repair timer completed successfully and for now, the Raitaru is safe.
Huge shout out to FEDUP's Euro pilots who turned out in a big way for me, I super appreciate it.

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