Sunday, December 03, 2017

Project Vulcan Phase IV - November Audit Complete

I completed the asset audit on November 30, last day according to my own rules, and was too busy to decide on a dividend payout and write up a report since then.

Real life can be a time suck, you know?

Anyways, here is the report.

The value of the corp at the May audit was approximately 64.6 billion ISK, and as of Nov 30 audit the value increased to ~79.4 billion ISK, a modest 14.8 billion ISK increase. I admit I was disappointed in this result. I figure the decrease in Azbel/Astraus/Raitaru demand as the consumer base has its needs filled coupled with the durability of these products and the saturation of the supply contributed to poor sales volumes. Capital production has been as consistent as last period but contributes not a lot to the bottom line.

I was hoping to make up a lot of ground with Athanor sales but outside of the first few the profit margins were modest. Still, I suspect that a large portion of the 14.8 billion increase came from Athanors.

End result: I've decided on a dividend payout of 10 billion ISK to shareholders which means that shares increase in value a small 7.41% (compared to 28.45%) last audit. The divident payout will be made within 24 hours.

Next week, I'll ruminate on next steps.


  1. Thank you, Kirith! Do you think the decrease in profits will continue? Is the market for structures getting saturated?

  2. THe market is definitely getting saturated because they are relatively easy to make and die not so often. In comparison, capitals are harder to make and die more often, thus the profit margins usually maintain there.

  3. So how much are the shares worth currently?

  4. The shares are worth 20,622,720 ISK each now.

  5. Awesome, thank you.