Wednesday, December 13, 2017


I'm sure regular readers of my blog are familiar with Mrs Kodachi's frequent non-life threatening (and sometimes even life threatening) health issues. Well, the past week has been a perfect storm of factors limiting my free time and thus blogging output:

1) Mrs Kodachi got the cold that went through the family and whereas everyone else needed a day to recover, she required a week.

2) Point 1 meant I was working two jobs, my regular job and then taking care of the kids to ballet exams, school, and other appointments/activitites.

3) Work was super busy with an important feature we were trying to wrap up that I was integral in working on.

4) And all of this while trying to get ready for the rushing locomotive and unstoppable force of Christmas less than two weeks away.

Stressed and lacking time have led me to be a little more reclusive than normal and less attentive than called for in the warzone. Thank goodness I hold a lot of shares in my corporation and got a big ISK dividend last week.

I'm hoping that with my wife on the mend and today being demo day and the end of the stories I was pushing the body on, I will have more time to partake in my hobbies.


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