Friday, December 01, 2017

CCP Its Time: Tell Us The Future Vision

The age of structures is well and truly upon us.

The twilight of Player Owned Stations has begun. The sticks will fall completely as soon as niggling little functionality of Cyno beacons, Cyno jammers, and jump bridges are dealt with.

We're ready.

CCP, tell us the future plan. What's next? What is the next big thing?

We need to know. We're dying to know. We want to know because right now, after the moon mining shakeup has settled and we are living in the future of moon fracking, this seems like it. We're at the end of the known plan and in order to keep us veterans engaged for the long term, we need to know what's next.

New space? Stargates? New Drifter threats?

Tell us CCP; its time. Time for a new public roadmap.

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  1. The outlook is nice. But the content is poorly structured and seems very vague. The topic itself is also quite bland and dissatisfying. More work is needed.