Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Raiding the Farms and Fields

I was asked to run a structure bash op for my Sunday Night Fleet this past weekend but it got cancelled right after I had jump cloned so decided to fight my nervousness about null sec and do the roam in the great black yonder of Cloud Ring and neighbouring regions. We set out with a fleet of small ships, interceptors and frigates and destroyers and a couple interdictors.

Man, its weird seeing interdictors actually being used! And bubbles as an option in the tool box! And no gate guns! Its all so freaky.

But the freakiest thing is the residents of null sec we ran into.

Ratting Vexor Navy Issues. Several times.

Ratting Rattlesnake. (He got away)

Industrial on a gate.

A moon mining op. And after we killed a couple of them, a Cynabal wandered too close to our interceptors and got caught.

I've always suspected that the shark eat shark microcosm of constant warfare of low sec created pilots of a higher quality and this roam around null sec only reinforced that idea. Its just not safe for ratting in low sec, and mining ops are much more paranoid. In null sec the lower population density and infrequency of danger lowers one's guard more, but I still find it interesting that the reaction is quiet acceptance of the kills. In low sec, getting a kill with a fleet almost always ensures a fleet being assembled to come kill you. Yet the one gang we saw didn't give chase.

Oh well, it was a nice ego boost either way as Galmilistan continues to exist against all expectations.

Also, loving my Taranis, what a nice little pistol.

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  1. We've been up north dropping on ratters and miners as well. Defense has been tepid at best. If you persist you might get yourself a carrier kill.

    However, all of that might be more a matter of the level of organization that the locals you're chasing have rather than a general rule of null sec. If you want a comparison, roam on down to Delve and see if you don't get a fleet chasing you down. Even CO2, back in Impass, used to drop supers on any hostile fleet that showed up. Darkness and Slyce have been known to do that as well.