Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Null Sec Blues

Its been a long time since I've been in null sec. I moved to low sec and never looked back years ago.

Low sec PvP and Null Sec PvP are very different. The presence or lack thereof of gate guns, warp disruption bubbles, and faction warfare plexes all make minor contributions that combined change the feel of the space.

So it was with great trepidation I prepared a fleet for Sunday night out of our deployment system adjacent to Cloud Ring region, flying frigates and tactical destroyers on a roam looking for fights and kills.

Overall it did not go so well. For example, at one point we decided to engage an Orthrus on a hostile citadel and lost a few ships to point defense guns that his buddy activated once we were within range. We have them in low sec but so rarely engage near citadels, it seems fighting on hostile structures is maybe more common in null sec?

Warping from gate to gate, sometimes forgetting about drag bubbles. Later on warping into a fight an ally had started and getting stuck in a bubble and I didn't even realize it. *Groan* Dealing with bubbles used to be so second nature for me, years in low sec has dulled those skills.

Overall it was not my best fleet I've run. Hopefully enough rust has been scraped off to make the next fleet more productive for my members.

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  1. Hanging on a citadel as bait might be more common I suppose. The only time I've been in a fleet on a hostile citadel that we were not activelly shooting was an attempt to pick somebody off who still had an aggression timer.

    The Sarcos guys were in Querious for a while. They were fun and ready to throw down for a fight. And they used to fly Ravens. As an old Caldari missile flinger, I admit I was a bit jealous even if the bird did not really serve them well.