Friday, August 04, 2017

Project Vulcan: Progress Report

I'm not doing a full audit of the project until November but I can do an eyeball guesstimate based on where I was at the end of May and where I am now.

Production has been going solidly on Moros dreadnoughts and all three structures: Azbels, Astrahus, and Raitarus. At the end of May I had one of each in stock/production and ~19 billion ISK in the wallet.

Right now I have:
- On market: 1 Azbel, 1 Moros, 1 Thanatos. Estimated combined value: around 7.5 billion ISK.
- In Production: 1 Moros, 1 Azbel, 1 Astrahus, 1 Raitaru. Estimated combined value: around 7.7 billion ISK

And in the wallet: ~19 billion ISK.

So rough guess? Made about 7.5 billion ISK profit since May. Solid increase given my rate of production. Remember the large profit in the Nov 2016-May 2017 period was mainly due to insane profits from Azbels and Raitarus being released, so I have hopes for another solid winter once Refineries come a-knocking on New Eden's moons.


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