Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Capital Domination

There was someone selling a Minmatar Lif FAX capital in our militia Discord channels the other day for an unbelievable low price so I decided to buy it despite not ever flying a FAX nor having the Minmatar carrier skills.

I have the Caldari Carrier skill from when I skilled up for my first capital way back in the day, the Chimera. Later I picked up the Caldari Dreadnought skill for the Phoenix. In recent years I decided to skill up for the Thanatos and Moros to align more easily with Gallente armour doctrines and currently own Thanatos and Chimera.

I bought the Lif mainly because it was a steal at that price but I want to move it to another station to sell if on public markets instead of in the Fortizar, but lacking the skill to sit in the beast makes that difficult without asking a corp mate. So I decided to pick up the Minmatar Carrier skill book since I've still got billions from my share payout in May and cross training is always fun. While I was picking that half billion ISK skillbook, I decided to complete the collection with the Amarr Carrier skillbook as well. This will give me the ability once trained to fly any of the carrier and super carrier ships properly (I have the Fighter Bomber skills from when I owned a Wyvern).

I think after November's payout I'm going to drop for the Minmatar and Amarr Dreadnought skill books too just to round out the combat capital ships. Excepting Titans of course. I'm not that space rich.

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