Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Second Time's The Charm

A few days past Aideron made a second attempt to anchor and online an Azbel Engineering Complex (once again produced by your humble author) and this time we were successful.

Aideron's Azbel
This structure is part of a larger plan to turn the system of Fliet into a bulwark for the warzone in the south against the waves of Caldari Militia pilots. Combined with the Fortizar citadel laid down by our militia allies Mecha Enterprises Fleet (XMETA) we have made great strides to turn our home system into Fortress Fliet. We are hoping that this solid base can be a rally point for the militia to regroup from the fall of Vlillier and push back against the Caldari offensive.

If all goes according to plan, I hope to move some of my production for Ninveah Enterprises to Fliet to make use of low sec production bonuses for more $$$.

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