Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Industrially Speaking

So last week Aideron tried to anchor an Azbel engineering complex in our home system of Fliet and were so close to succeeding but alas it was not meant to be, and it became the third Azbel in EVE's history to be destroyed.

It was doubly disappointing for me because not only did my corporation take a nasty blow to the face for the loss, but I made and sold that Azbel to them so I take personal offense at its demise.

On the up side, Project Vulcan has been proceeding at a much faster and comfortable pace for me since I don't need to worry about exact factory and mineral costs and the wallet balance has been increasing as time goes on so things seem to be proceeding according to plan. I took a portion of the profits to invest in a Raitaru rigged out for structure component manufacturing and I'm hoping it will drop a few hundred million off the production price of an Azbel and pay for itself in the long term.

In low sec, the capital business has been also proceeding well with 2 caps always in production and no backlog of hulls. The profit margin per hull is less than 10% for the capitals, and the margins are quickly dropping on the engineering complexes as expected and should soon be at the ~10% level like the Astrahus. As long as I'm making a profit and moving product, right? Start saving up for the drilling platforms structures...

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