Monday, January 16, 2017

Lucky Rabbit's Foot

Last night I led the Sunday Night Aideron Fleet into the warzone and I must have brought my lucky rabbit's foot in the cargo hold of my Hecate Tactical Destroyer because we had an unusual run of good luck.

First up we were in the occupied system of Vlillirier with a couple bait/scout ships trying to lure some of the Caldari Militia occupiers out to play. We got a report of two ships attacking our two pilots and requiring some assistance in a large plex so I ordered the fleet to jump in and warp to the plex. One of the enemy ships warped off though so it looked like a wasted trap sprung.

But, to my surprise, we came out of warp just as a significant Cal Mil fleet dropped out of warp right on top of us. We have numerical superiority so I started calling targets and  we killed at least three tech 3 tacical destroyers, one Thalia logistics frigate, and a Hyena EAF.

Later on while searching for targets in adjacent systems, we had a Maller cruiser and Drake Battlecruiser jump into our fleet and die quite quickly.

Near the end of the fleet, we were chasing a Cal Mil T3D fleet that had more of the advanced destroyers but we had more logi and pilots. We found them in Oinasiken engaging a couple of Hyperion battleships that went suspect on a gate, so we landed, chased the Cal Mil fleet off, and proceeded to kill the two battleships. Afterwards we got regrouped and were about the engage the Cal Mil fleet that seemed to decide they wanted to fight us, only cross jump the destoryers to see that they brought reinforcements in the form of 2 Scimitar logistics cruisers with some Machariel battleships and a smattering of battlecruisers. Well I had the fleet moonwalk away from that fight with only two Algos and a Maulus losses and go home to call it a night.

All in all, a good lucky night for Aideron and friends.

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