Wednesday, August 24, 2016

On Grid Boosting - Anticipation

I'm looking forward to the advent this fall of on grid boosting. I've advocated the removal of off-grid boosting many times in the past. While I'm sympathetic to the coordination issues that the new mechanics are going to introduce over the current boost-and-forget method, I really think the change is for the best in the long term interests of the game.

I'm most excited to experiment with new fittings and fleet roles to see how we can more easily integrate boosting into our gangs and fleets. Already command destroyers feature quite prominently due to their dual boosting/micro jump field abilities and I hold out hope that the com and ships will get a serious rebalancing pass as part of the boosting changes, or soon after. At the very least, a boosting Myrmidon supporting a Vexor fleet would be awesome, but I look forward to the Megathron fleet supported by a fearsome Eos command ship.

Best of all, it leaves me hope that a Flag ship class could arrive, Tech II versions of the Rokh/Hyperion/Abaddon/Maelstrom, with extra bonuses to boosting range and duration perhaps. I'd buy that for a dollar! (Or a billion).

This fall and winter promise to be very interesting...


  1. Thanks for the plug <3

  2. You seriously think that the T2 BC's are going to get overhauled? Guaranteed these ongrid changes will be a serious nerf to that class of ships.

    It is what CCP does. This current set of dev's no nothing else. Especially since this means that incursion fleets have just incurred a bigtime DPS nerf, hence a big drop in ISK/ hour.