Monday, August 29, 2016

What's Next?

CCP finally announced more details about the changes to command links today and come November a major gaping wound in EVE's PvP gameplay will be addressed as links become a more interactive and dynamic mechanic.

Once this change is in place it will mark the end of the old era as part of a series of changes that have each modified how the game is played:

- tiericide - made swathes of previously useless ships earn a role in combat and codified the Combat, Attack, and Support designations
- micro jump drives and field generators - expanded the mobility of ships on the grid and opened up new attack vectors for fleets
- Phoebe jump changes - increased the prevalence of small capital operations as the threat of immediate hotdrop by superior forces diminished, plus the advent of capitals using gates gives more tactical options and interaction opportunities
- new modules - heavy stasis grapplers, ancillary shield boosters and armour repairers, reactive armour hardeners, etc
- new ships - Navy Ewar frigs, Tech I and II logi frigs, command destroyers

Indeed, over the last few years the game has slowly but radically changed. The big question is, what's the next big change to come to PvP on a grid near you?

Here are some of my ideas.

1) Static Deployable Defenses - deployables, like Mobile Scan Inhibitors and Cyno Jammers, give players some ability to alter the terrain of the battlefield, and I think CCP should concentrate more on similar temporary deployable that have more direct impact. Defense platforms with weapons or neutralizers or webbers or disruptors or Ewar...

2) Space Weather - I think we need some random elements that pilots need to take into account, liek meteor showers that randomly deplete armour, dust clouds that impact targeting range and speed, asteroids that block weapons fire, solar flares that impact shields, etc

3) Assault Carriers. No, I won't let it go.

What are your ideas for the future of the space battlefield?


  1. Titans are bringing space weather.

  2. Bottom line, most of the change announced today are disastrous.

    Not really surprising though. CCP has a long history of making terrible design decisions, including many of the ones you trumpet as good.

    There is direct correlation and causation with the changes made in the past 5 years and the plunging PCU and sub rate.

    1. Vince:

      No, just no. Correlation, yes. Are you 100% saying that the PCU would not be dropping of no changes were made ? Causation ? not likely.