Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bigger Is Better

(... on the killboard at least.)

One of the advantages of joining in with larger Gallente Militia fleets is that we get to fly big battleships in fleets that have a chance to score some pretty sweet kills: Nagflar and a bunch of Megathrons and Rattlesnakes in July for example, or a Moros last weekend.

Aideron has often steered clear of using battleships in the past for several reasons. First, our recruitment welcomes lower skill point and newer players so the ability to fit and fly a battleship in a fleet can be hit or miss. Secondly, our numbers are in the mid teens most of the time which translates to about 8-9 battleships with logi, large enough to prompt a response but not large enough to appropriately handle the response our known enemies can muster. Third, we have almost zero capital experience so escalating a battleship fight to FAXes and dreads is questionable at best, doomed at worst. And fourth, we lack FCs with experience in battleship-capital-triage warfare.

So joining GalMil fleets solves all of those issues: our pilots that can fly battleships add to the fleet numbers while less skilled pilots fly suppport/tackle, the fleet is larger and more on par with enemy fleet sizes, they have experience using capitals, and FCs willing and able to handle that mess. Plus being in these fleets gives our pilots experience in this direction and perhaps more willingness to try these things out.

On that last point, my personal concern is figuring out how to manage yet another ball in the air in terms of capital assets and their status while still managing calling targets, maneuvering fleet, worrying about logi, watching for incoming enemy reinforcements (more DPS ships, EWAR, command destroyers, neut ships, etc). At some point delegation plays into the mix here, and I need to wrap my head around what needs to be delegated and what needs direct management. I *think* I know but I need to do to be sure I suspect, I just dread the thought of getting some capitals whelped in the process of learning.

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