Thursday, August 18, 2016

Aideron Robotics Evolution

About 2 years ago Aideron Robotics moved from the then capital system of Gallente Militia, Nennamailia in Black Rise region, to Heydieles in Essence region (and later to next door to Fliet), to work on developing the corporation in terms of identity and membership.

Over the intervening time we've had some membership fluctuations, some wins, some losses, but overall we were successful in establishing a unique corp culture and relationship with the rest of Gallente Militia and other low sec entities.

When the Gallente Militia Civil War started this past year we were able to leverage that unique position to remain friendly with both sides and keep neutral, hopefully providing some use as a friendly go between for the two camps to remind them that Caldari Militia is always the ultimate threat.

This summer we looked at our current state and we felt we needed to expand beyond our comfort zone of frigates, destroyers, and cruisers and look into integrating with the larger Gallente Militia culture. Part of this is because our members have matured and want to explore larger fights against more dangerous enemies than we alone can face, and part is because the miltia has thinned down due to the stagnant state of faction warfare and our presence in bolstering fleets can be more acutely felt.

The result this summer has been a few instances where Aideron pilots have joined a forming Gallente Militia fleet and doubled its size, allowing some amazing fights against Cal Mil and pirates that otherwise would not have happened with battlecruisers and battleships. These victories and experience work into a positive feedback loop where our pilots want to join more fleets and increase enthusiasm for other pilots.

The next step for Aideron is to develop our own Fleet Commanders in these larger doctrines and work with the leadership of the larger Gal Mil to support and lead more fleets. That involves me getting out of my small fleet comfort zone and getting more bold but I feel up to the challenge.

In other news, Aideron Robotics is recruiting so if you are interested in PvP in low sec as part of Gallente Militia, check us out on the web and in game in the "Aideron Robotics" public channel.


  1. Having stopped playing EVE four or so years ago your posts about the fun you have in Aideron are almost making me want to come back and play again. You and your Corp sound like a fun bunch to play with.

    1. A lot has changed in 4 years. Come back and give it a go.

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