Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Gallente Militia Civil War

You can read the basics of why this war started in the excellent EveNews24 article but to summarize: militia corp Rapid Withdrawal (RDRAW) made an arrange with low sec big dog alliance Snuffed Out (Snuff) to blue each other and work together. RDRAW gets a friendly batphone for escalations against hostile forces they can't deal with on their own while Snuff gets a feeder corp for new pilots and another source of content as RDRAW acts as bird dogs for them. Since a lot of GalMil corps don't like Snuff they see the arrangement as problematic at best and traitorous at worse and have accused RDRAW of working with Snuff to kill GalMil ships while RDRAW claims they are free to make their own working alliances and the old guard of GalMil is being unreasonable since RDRAW has never actively tried to "awox" GalMil ships using Snuff or any other method.

The tension escalated for months until a recent incident in which RDRAW any or may not have been trying to kill a known GalMil associated vessel caused the escalation unto war footing for three of the main GalMil corps.

Aideron Robotics has been watching with dismay as the once coordinated Gal Mil warmachine has broken down and begun to tear at itself. As partners in the "South" of the Gal-Cal warzone Aideron has worked a lot with RDRAW for a long time and many times over the past years has seen a lot of assistance from RDRAW fleets and pilots in defending our home and assets (to be clear, other corps and alliances have also helped). At the same time, our pilots and fleets have worked with the "Northern" GalMil corps frequently, so we don't like seeing either of our allies coming to blows.

As such we've taken a neutral stance in the war in the hopes that it will be short and cooler heads will soon prevail. Nevertheless, a line has been crossed and I fear the unified Gallente Militia war machine will not be seen again for a long time.

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