Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Warship Wednesday - Warship Stats

There is a player run site call WarshipStats that compiles searchable warship stats from publicly available sources and allows some research into various ships, leaderboards, and players. Once a player is searched on the site, they upload all the stats for that player and continue tracking them. They also provide a new little signature banner you can use.
Up to date.
It also allows an easier way to analyze your own stats in handy graphs and charts. For example, my performance per ship class:

As you can see, my performance in carriers has far outstripped my ability in the other classes, a result of the imbalance that was just recently corrected in the 0.4.1 update as I've discussed last week. BTW, my predictions were correct and there are a lot more fighters in the sky these days as even some IJN carriers are taking the fighter loadout over damage. I'm still trying to make the 2/2/2 for my Hiryu work and having some success and some fail. I suspect that chart above will slowly see the carriers come in line as the result of that patch continue to be felt.

I have some quibbles about the site. I'd like the individual ship statistic section to include some filters so I could look at some of my ships for comparison instead of all (I really don't care about that one battle I did in the Erie), but its a work in progress.

If you're playing World of Warships, check it out!


  1. Do you have a premium account? I see you average a lot more xp but it could just be because do also do a lot more damage on average as I do. Carriers and battleships tend to live slightly longer if not in the fron lines :)

    With a DD trying to cap a base and then rush between hostile dd/cruisers to snipe BB/carriers from behind you either die quickly because you are spotted and sandwiched between hostiles or you can leisurely snipe down 3 or 4 ships.

    Minekaze is my favorite ship so far but most IJN ships are just so bad at shooting stuff that I am starting to switch to US ships more.

    1. My experience is that BBs and CVs live longer so can earn more experience. I am running a premium account but the avg/max experience in the stats is based off base values and not the premium bonus or the First-Win-Of-The-Day bonus.

      I suck at DDs because staying alive is so much harder :P

    2. Its also worth noting that I did a lot of IJN carriers when they were quite overpowered so that increases all the averages.


    Hmm, this is interesting. The ships I had more fun in, I seem to have done better in overall.

    I'm also surprised how *awful* my win/loss rate is with the Cleveland. I know it isn't my favourite ship, but 20% less than the Phoenix is terrible!

    My average damage is absurdly high (In my opinion). There's no way I've done 20k damage on average in my cruisers, but apparently I have.

    Cool site, thanks for sharing it. :)

    1. 60% average win rate seems pretty good and you have a better k:d ratio as I have. Fires/flooding can do a quite a bit of damage and adds up over time.

      Had my most profitable loss ever in a Phoenix yesterday :) and the first time I earned the Arsonist and High Caliber achievement.

    2. Yeah, when I posted it was ~40%. I finally had a good run with it. I've been playing it like a Phoenix, brawling at close range. This doesn't really work because there's no torpedoes :(. I think the trick is working out where the enemy will be when you get to where you're going.

      Same here with the achievements. I got Arsonist and First Blood, I think, which was a first time for both. :)

      There must be some secret to playing battleships though. I'm finding it really hard to adjust. I seem to be dying to cruisers over and over.With the random skew of the shells, I've almost given up on them.

    3. I love battleships! They require some patience to get the hang of though, and lots of practice to learn how to get those sweet sweet citadels. :)

  3. Where are they! Ignoring the problem of the US guns, where shells leave the barrel travelling sideways, I can't seem to find the citadels of cruisers at all. Is there a diagram of where they are?

    Tell me your secrets :P.

    1. This is a good guide:

      This one is also helpful:

    2. Thanks a lot, finally an explanation of why my shells were behaving so bizarrely :D. I'm gonna still struggle with accuracy, but hopefully my stats will improve. :)

      Cheers for the help.

    3. And now my South Carolina has bugged out, and is registering as 'still in battle', even though the battle was lost. I guess the fates don't like me in a battleship.

    4. Yeah, the South Carolina and Kawachi suck SO Bad, it gets better at tier IV.


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