Friday, September 11, 2015

Project Vulcan - MOROS

After a crazy summer of rising mineral prices and falling capital prices, things stabilized and my production picked back up slowly into a regular routine again. With Archons rolling off the lines and selling at decent profit once more I looked at the operation and considered next steps.

Coincidentally members in corporation were talking about getting Moros dreadnoughts and asked if I built them.

I don't but I looked into what I needed to get started and saw I was missing only two component BPOs, a Capital Siege Array and Capital Turret Hardpoint blueprint. A quick search on contracts showed them costing about 2-2.5 billion ISK each. With my liquid ISK being less than that I decided it was time to turn to investors to see if I could jump start Moros production.

I sold half of the shares in my alt corporation to Aideron Robotics to raise 5 billion ISK and then used the ISK to purchase a faction Machariel with officer fit mods and lost it on the Jita undock. JUST KIDDING! I purchased the two missing blueprints and moved them to my staging system without issue.

Next I'm going to work on getting the massive amount of minerals I need and moving them to the build system, along with a cheap off-contracts Moros ME10 BPC, and get the build going!

Exciting times in Project Vulcan.

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