Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Attack Piece Disguised as Opinionated News

Over at TheMittani.Com there is an article that the editors of that site should have rejected and asked for a re-write. Titled "The Sunt Flores Ban" it is an obvious attack piece that I would expect from a bombastic blogger and not a site that was founded on trying to improve games journalism.

For example, take the very first two sentences:
"Adapt or wait for the fixes."
These six words got a prominent Eve Online player banned.
Well that was inflammatory. And completely wrong. Those six words falsely attributed to a CCP dev are what allegedly got the player banned.

The article goes on to explain what happened, or rather what allegedly happened as we know CCP does not comment on bans and the reasons thereof.

Further on we see this line:
In short, players are mad. They are furious. Frustrated. Fed up. 
There is no supporting information to go along with that line. That is pure writer opinion, very subjective and very unrealistic. Most players never even heard of Stunt Flores or his ban.

The player in question obviously did not intend to impersonate a developer.
Again, more evidence this is an attack piece. Often when we see some claim innocence in a ban most players look askew at him and ask "Really? You did nothing wrong? Are you sure? wink wink nudge nudge". Every convict in jail is innocent, am I right? This writer has made a decision from only a part of the whole truth and decided to unload both barrels because of it.

At the bottom of the article we see:
Editor's Note: As an opinion article, the opinions expressed above are those of the writer and do not reflect TMC as a whole.
*Throws hands up* That makes it ok I guess, right? Seriously, if you want to be better than other gaming news sites, you need to remove garbage like this. I'm not saying that CCP is in the right here or that Stunt Flores deserved his ban, but theMittani.com can't claim the high road in game reporting and allow attack pieces to be hosted on their site as "opinion pieces" without some semblance of trying to get to the bottom of the actual facts at the same time.


  1. "... theMittani.com can't claim the high road in game reporting..."

    Have they ever actually claimed to be on "the high road"? Ever since they started, they have been writing one-sided, opinionated propaganda-style articles, which only thinly pretended to be objective - much like the O'Reilly Factor or the bimbo Megyn Kelly on the Fox so-called "News" Network. Garbage like this is what attracts stupid viewers, and stupid viewers drive ad dollars.

    IMO, this article was business-as-usual for TMC.

  2. I have to agree with the other commenter, this is what I expect from that "news" site and what I have always expected. So I'm not shocked at all.

  3. I always thought it was an open fact that themittani was just a propoganda/spin site. Do they pretend otherwise?

  4. I have been wondering about that article myself, in a different way... Why would TMC, a goon outlet, comes to the defense of Stunt Flores, who made its fame on killing goons' Ishtars in Deklein??? Could it be that in Stunt Flores was given a Safari license in Goonistan, and in some way achieving some goals for the goons? I do not know, but for sure this articlescntent and its publication raises many questions...