Saturday, February 28, 2015

Game Night

Last night I got together with some friends and played some board games, something I am hoping to do more often as the kids get older.

Flash Point : Fire Rescue : A simple Cooperative game where all the players are firefighters trying to save people from a burning building. Simple mechanics but lots of fun trying to keep the fire under control long enough to get people out. We seemed to be doing well until a series of explosions destroyed too many walls and the building collapsed on us. Fun times anyways.

Mansions of Madness : While not as much as a crazy ride as the last time I played, four of us had some fun against the GM. Our first attempt ended in two turns as one of us entered the freezer, fell through a trap door, and died to an ancient snow god, triggering the Gm's win condition. Since that says too short, we reset and tried again, lasting longer in two teams of two until one team got attacked by two witches. They might have been ok except the GM took control of one of the investigators for an attack against the other and with a knife sliced off her hand, killing her. We lost but had fun.

Infiltration : Part of the Android Netrunner universe, this game you play as an operative looking to infiltrate a shadowy corporation and steal secret files. We've played a few times before so it was a close game, Andrew realized he could not escape so set about trying to prevent everyone else from escaping. Dave and I were able to scoot out on the last turn however, and I won due to have more DF tokens. Sweet victory.

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