Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Board Game Day 2014

I got together with 5 of my friends (Andrew, Brian, Dave, Evan, and Udit) and had a day full of board games from the morning until night. Here's the rundown.


We opened with a simple palate cleanser with Red Dragon Inn in which my character got very drunk very fast. *burp* Ended up in a tie between Dave and me as he got me drunk but I retaliated and punched him to knock him out.

Then we moved on to two games of Infiltration, set in the Android Netrunner universe. Very fun, I think we all died the first game and everyone got out the second time as we were a lot more cautious.

Power Grid

Go green empire!

Getting crowded on the east coast.

Next we moved on to something meatier in Power Grid, a fun bidding / resource management game. Definitely worth the time we put into it, Andrew and I were leading and he pulled out a win in the end.

Dead of Winter

Next up was a new zombie survival game called Dead of Winter. Five of us played, each of us starting out controlling two characters. The goal is to complete the main scenario public objective and each of us complete our personal secret objective. Eventually it looked like a couple of us were going to win but Dave's secret objective was "Serial Killer" and he killed a bunch of people in the last turn and let the zombies overrun the colony so he could win.


My dudes, the principal and sheriff. 

Zombies swarming the hospital!

Things not looking good at the Police Station.

Mansions of Madness

Brian had to leave so we ended the evening with a game of Mansions of Madness, an Arkham Horror type game (Praise Cthulhu!). Evan was the Keeper and the rest of us investigators into the weird happenings at a local university building.

This game was a lot of fun in hindsight, but during the game I was very depressed as it seemed like the Keeper had all the advantages and was toying with us.

The intrepid investigators!

Dave locked in freezer and going crazy. Good times.

He's really, really locked in.

The beginning of my character's descent to insanity...
By the end of the game my character was:
- afraid of the dark (in a game where my opponent's main ability was to kill the lights)
- afraid of enclosed spaces
- afraid of doorknobs on doors ("the house is alive!")
- afraid of other people ("they are all demons!")
- afraid of monsters... in a monster hunting game.

Yet still better off than Dave who ran into a stairwell and blew his brains out.

Get the witch!
 Eventually the monsters and the Head Boss witch showed up and Andrew as Trashcan Pete pretending to be a Hobo with a shotgun blew up one monster and sent the other running for cover, and then strolled down the hall and blew up the witch with two shots.

Hobo with a shotgun.
Basically we went from "we have no chance" to "hey, we won!". So after that I realized it was a lot of fun.


  1. Two games we recently bought and I'd also recommend are:
    Fortune and Glory, an indiana jones like game where you compete against other treasure hunter and/or nazis and mobsters to collect artefacts.

    As a sort of diversion game since it doesn't take long to play and is easy to learn:
    King of Tokyo, where you play as a godzilla/king kong style monster for control of Tokyo

  2. We used to have a great time with Clue and Colonel Mustard and the Library - with the candlestick. The list of children's board games is as long as your imagination.
    most fun games