Saturday, February 21, 2015

10 Years, 2728 Posts, and No Clue...

So, ten years ago today I started this blog at Still using Blogger, but got my own domain now.

I was running a Warhammer 40K community forum and found myself often searching for things I had posted, thoughts on various topics or old battle reports. I decided to start a blog to consolidate my more substantial postings and eventually when I started playing EVE a year later it became the natural place to record my thoughts about that game. Eventually I stopped doing miniature wargaming and this blog became 99% EVE related. Hence why you're probably here.

A lot has changed in ten years. In 2005 I was childless, working as a database developer, and an avid 40K player (including Battlefleet Gothic and Epic 40K). Now I have three crazy kids, am a scrummaster for a team that develops in C#, Cassandra, Solr, and a host of other techs, and barely enough time to play anything once a week.

But I'm still blogging.

Sugar Kyle posted recently that someone told her that it must take a big ego to be a blogger. I disagree, it simply takes a willingness to write and share with others. I have no illusion that there are much better EVE players, FCs, industrialists than me out there. Hell, there are at least 5 bloggers I can name off the top of my head that are far better than me (I miss you, Roboblogger!) including the aforementioned Low Sec Lifestyle. I like writing, ruminating, sharing, and getting feedback. And this blog has helped me make connections and conversations that I would not have been able to without it.

Another handy thing about a long running blog is it acts like an amateur historian or time capsule. I can go to any month in the last ten years and see what was happening in my gaming life at that time, and for EVE posts remind myself of the way things used to be. Very handy when young turks start blogging or writing for EVE news sites and I can point out the same topics and discussions from before they even heard of the game.

Anyway, I wanted to mark the date. Ten years. Wow. According to Google's stats I've had 1,027,293 since May 2010 when they started keeping track.


  1. Congrats! I hope to make it to 10 years.

  2. Congratulations. :)

  3. Congrats, that's amazing! Thanks for all your contributors to the community over the years/decade

  4. congrats and thanks for sharing

  5. Congratulations my friend. So many of the "old guard" have gone silent over the years, you remain the one I can count on.

  6. loved it for all of the 10 years, my hero, my legend, keep going!

  7. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Congrats! You keep writing, I'll keep reading, even if its 10 more years.

  8. Anonymous6:59 pm