Thursday, February 19, 2015

Next Step, Stepping Up

My goal of 2014 was to become a Fleet Commander, comfortable in the role and competent enough to be trusted by corporation leadership and the line members to take a fleet out and not whelp it pointlessly (unless whelping was the point).

I feel that the year was a resounding success to the point where if I'm in a fleet and not the FC, I really really want to be. In control of all the ships, directing them to the next position, getting scouts to report from neighbouring systems, its all very addictive... FLY MY PRETTIES, FLY!
Rare image of Kirith FCing.

Surprisingly, I think that becoming an FC has increased my desire to lead and direct at work as well, leading me into a more architectural and design role rather than simply an awesome developer and scrumlord... er... scrummaster.

I'm a scrummaster, I scrummast.

But the question now is what is the next step for my Eve personal development? (Its sad I agonize more over this question than my next step for work development at my job.) I think my next goal is to raise my profile within the militia with the other core Galente corps and try to make a name and good reputation for myself such that I can be counted on to lead larger and more diversified fleets. This will require me stepping out of another comfort zone (that of approaching strangers and relative unknown quantities) but I feel I'm ready for that step.

I don't harbour any illusions I will be mentioned on the same level as some current excellent and well known GalMil FCs, but I want to be considered as an acceptable one outside of Aideron Robotics.

To that end, I'm planning a large open fleet sometime near the end of February or beginning of March. More details coming.

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  1. Sounds awfully like you are building an electorate base for a CSM run, just sayin' :)