Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ninveah CSM X Endorsements

Two years ago I wrote a post explaining what it takes for a CSM candidate to earn my endorsement and I think that post is still as relevant today as it was when I wrote it. Go give it a review, I'll wait.

Back? OK, now on to CSM X endorsements.

CSM 9 was a transitional council, going from twice yearly releases to 10 a year and there were some growing pains related to that in how the CSM works with CCP. CSM 10 is faced with the continued evolution of that paradigm as well as the daunting task of implementing a new sovereignty system that meets criteria that are vast and diverse, not to mention sometimes at odds with each other.

With all that in mind, here are my endorsements for CSM 10 voting.

1. Sugar Kyle

There is no doubt that Sugar has been a tour de force on CSM 9 representing not only all areas of low sec but also being an approachable and tireless council member for anyone in any area of space. She's also maintained constant community presence and reporting from summits through multiple media including her blog. On top of all that, she's intelligent, thoughtful, organized, and not afraid to speak up as required. She should be the number one vote for everyone; my only concern is burnout in a second term but she shows no signs of slowing down yet.

2. Mike Azariah

A lot of people have speculated on Mike's usefulness in CSM 9 but I still feel that the he provides a necessary "devil's advocate" to ideas and concepts from a perspective of high sec casual long time player. Its helpful in teams with people very focused on details and plans to have someone whose job it is to look at the whole thing from 50,000 feet and tell them how it looks like its going to go. An added plus is his two terms of experience of dealing with the CSM and CCP.

3. corbexx

I've put him high on my list based entirely on all the good things people who I respect have had to say about him and his efforts on CSM 9. Since he's a wormhole representative, I think his perspective on null sec changes will be valuable.

4. Endie

As I said in my podcast, Endie is another Goonswarm candidate that does not come across as Goon-first, unlike Sion Kumitomo. His postings under his blog and ideas about null sec sov align strongly with mine, and I like that he's very intelligent and communicates well.

5. Steve Ronuken

I knew of Fuzzy Steve in his 3rd party development efforts in the community and again people I respect have spoken highly of him for his efforts in CSM 9.

6. Ashterothi

I like Ash and I have no doubts he is a capable candidate, my concern is EVE overload and burn out on a single person with two podcasts and a new corp he's getting off the ground.

7. Psianh Auvyander 

Another blogger who writes cogently, I like that he's a mercenary and corp leader and will bring the paid-guns side of EVE back into the CSM.

8. Mandfred Sideous - Another candidate that is highly recommended by people I like, I had him higher in my endorsements list until I heard him on Crossing Zebras podcast where I felt a little disappointed. I understand that some people, like myself, are better at writing their thoughts rather than speaking them but I expected a more impressive showing at this point of the election cycle. That being said, from what I've read he is a null sec candidate with his head on his shoulders.

Don't ignore the vote! Do your part, vote early and often.


  1. Kirith, thanks a lot for your support! It means a lot, and I hope I can do everyone proud!

  2. Every Goon is a "Goon First". Having an outside-acceptable candidate is just a scheme of the Goons to hijack non-Goon votes. In the council he'll represent Goons and Goons only.