Thursday, January 08, 2015 Readers Pick EVE as Best MMO of 2014

Over all they had end of year reader polls for several categories and EVE was well represented:

Best PVP in an MMO: EVE Online
Best Sandbox MMO: EVE Online


Best MMO: EVE Online
What more can be said about EVE that hasn’t already been said? It had a fantastic year, the players have a statue created in their honor and really you wouldn’t guess looking at the fanbase and game itself that in 2014 it celebrated 11 years of being online. CCP has a busy schedule laid out for EVE in 2015
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  1. Now if I only I knew who was. I looked at Alexa and they rank ahead of The Mittani globally, but are way behind in the US. And they are nowhere close to, which was holding a similar poll the last I looked.

    Score one for the EVE team, but I couldn't tell you what it was worth.

    1. Its worth 2.73b isk, which is what I paid the guy to rig the contest!