Friday, November 21, 2014

More Details On Tech 3 Destroyers

Crossing Zebras had an excellent interview with CCP Fozzie and CCP Rise and some new details about the Tech 3 Tactical Destroyers were revealed.

- The most likely way to switch between the modes will be new buttons on the left hand side of the HUD near the cargo and camera and scanner buttons, probably three mutually-exclusive radio buttons, as the functionality is intrinsic to the hull as opposed to a fitting choice.

- Their strength is in switching modes between sniper, speed, and defense so while in one of those modes they will NOT be stronger than contempories specially fitted for those roles. I.e. comparing a Cormorant Sniper to a Tactical Destroyer (aka TacDes) in sniper mode we should see the specialized ship perform better. That being said, they did say that the comparison should be more against the Harpy in this example as its more of the equivalent contemporary in terms of power and price.

- As per above, a TacDes should be in the same ball-field as assault frigates in terms of price (extreme interpretation on my part here)

- The role switching will be done through switching ship hull bonuses

- The relevant bonuses will be very race themed and geared to very straight forward roles. I.e. the Amarr Confessor won't get a neutralizing bonus in one mode as it makes the modules useless in other modes. Basically, you should not feel like you want to change your ship fitting per mode. I expect to see a laser range bonus for sniping mode, speed bonus for speed mode, and armour resistance increase in tank mode, for example for the Confessor.

In my mind, its like having a beam laser fit Corercer with a module on the ship that switches between tracking enhancer and energized adaptive nano membrane and overdrive injector when clicked.

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