Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gallente Tech 3 Tactical Destroyer: Drones or Guns?

I got into a discussion in the super secret podcast channel with Connal Tara of Fly Reckless podcast fame about whether or not the Gallente version of the new Tech 3 Tactical Destroyers should be a drone ship or a gun ship.

His point of view was that Gallente does not need another drone platform as they are "rather prevalent after all" and my counter argument was that the line overall has more gun ships and that except for the Ishtar there are no decent choices for advanced drone ships in the Gallente line.

I thought I would use my blog here to expand on my point.

Ship Hull Type
Atron Frigate Guns
Incursus Frigate Guns
Tristan Frigate Drones
Catalyst Destroyer Guns
Algos Destroyer Drones
Thorax Cruiser Guns
Vexor Cruiser Drones
Myrmidon Battlecruiser Drones
Brutix Battlecruiser Guns
Talos Battlecruiser Guns
Dominix Battleship Drones
Megathron Battleship Guns
Hyperion Battleship Guns
Ares Frigate Guns
Taranis Frigate Guns
Enyo Frigate Guns
Inshkur Frigate Drones
Nemesis Frigate Missiles
Eris Destroyer Guns
Deimos Cruiser Guns
Ishtar Cruiser Drones
Phobos Cruiser Guns
Eos Battlecruiser Drones
Astarte Battlecruiser Guns
Kronos Battleship Guns
Sin Battleship Drones
Proteus Cruiser Mostly Guns

As you can see by my quick chart, most of the ships are gun ships and of the 9 drone ships you see 5 are tech 1 and only 2 of the tech 2 drone ships are main combat ships as opposed to expensive specialty ships. Specifically, the awesome Ishtar heavy assault cruiser and the Ishkur assault frigate which I find rather underwhelming compared to its Tech 1 Incursus ancestor.

On the other hand, there are 16 gun ships excluding the Proteus, 8 of them tech 2, with 3 of them what I would consider "combat" ships: the Taranis, Enyo, and Deimos. Also, if you count the Proteus which is often found in a gun setup when used as a combat ship, that's yet another advanced Gallente ship with guns.

So yeah, I feel that I would most like to see the new tech 3 Tactical Destroyer as a advanced drone boat to balance the scales a bit.


  1. I agree with you. It should be a drone ship. But it won't be.

    It'll be a gun ship because converting a drone ship from sniping to non-sniping when that option is chosen would be too complicated.

  2. I dont think it would be tbh. When you which modes say from drone mode to gun mode would cause the drone bay to lock out. Meaning you wouldnt beable to scoop to drone bay, launch or recall drones. They'd be left on the field till you changed back to drone mode.

  3. Had this convo earlier today. I think they will all be gun based, to follow the change of modes. At least I hope they all are I have no missile skills!

    1. Or drone skills for that matter :)

  4. I raise that I'd like to see that destroyer with 3 sentry in sniper mode get drone control range and small blaster range. from normal bonus only gets blaster damage and racking bonus. Because yes there is almost same amount of drone boats in any other nation as gallente, and no one use blasters because you need to get soo close to the enemy shy that you can stab their crew in the stomach. If you thin thats op and imba and unfair regarding other nations then look at the rebalanced Armageddon drone dmg and hp bonus rocket shooting heavy neut bs so you have no power here.

  5. Who says that all the T3 Dezzies will have "sniper mode"?
    What if the Gal version has a damage buff instead of range?
    Maybe the Caldari one will have jams?

    Don't assume they're going to shoehorn all of them into sniper roles.