Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Minority Report

So I'm sure you've all seen the latest EVE trailer by now:
This is an awesome video. For those of us immersed in EVE it is a condensed version of the anticipation and joy and the sometimes admiration for our opponents that we feel on a weekly basis. The existing playerbase loves it and all reports point to new accounts and characters skyrocketing. This IS Eve!

Well, sorta.

Look, I hate to be a Debbie Downer here but this trailer is very misleading and the many of the people joining the game are going to be in for a shock.

I was playing Sunday night. FCing in fact. I had a good night as my fleet had a few roaming PvP fights that we won, one that we whelped, and a strategic op to defend a POCO timer. Three hours of consistent and interesting PvP activity, but if it was recorded and included in that video it would have been condensed down to less than 30 seconds.

I'm willing to bet that each of the group operations captured in that trailer accounted for 2-3 hours of play time, or in other words, 10-20 hours of PvP (and some PvE) activity squeezed like a fruit for a couple minutes of worthy trailer.

This is an awesome video, and it accurately captures the best parts of EVE, the parts that keep us logging in for years at a time (myself included), but it is NOT EVE.


  1. Hi mate,

    Definitely a great trailer, and the points you make are all correct in a way... this is the best of EVE condensed down.

    I have to disagree with the conclusion you draw though! This is, by definition, EVE! It is what keeps us engaged and logging in. I don't think anyone would expect a marketing trailer to show anything but the best parts...

    Hopefully all the newbies that join will be pumped to get to that level of game-play. Those who appreciate EVE as a whole will stay. I'm really encouraged by Sugar Kyle's rookie channel work and think we should all get in on that to help the next generation move onwards and upwards.

    Sorry, I'm rambling at this point.


  2. "This is an awesome video, and it accurately captures the best parts of EVE, the parts that keep us logging in for years at a time (myself included), but it is NOT EVE. "

    This is EvE. You have to be logged in and playing to have the magic in those moments happen. Yup some days it takes 2-3 hours of game play others log in and go time. Still other times could be week or 2 between moments that keep us hooked.

    In the corp I am in we have a saying "Be a doer". meaning make stuff happen be the spark.

  3. "...but it is NOT EVE"

    Yes IT IS!. Just because they don't show an hour forming up or the hours scouting or mostly empty roams doesn't make this video not EVE. The reason we spend 2 hours manoeuvring around an opponent trying to get the upper hand is for those 30 seconds of adrenalin whilst shooting the guys you were trying to outsmart. We play EVE for the camaraderie on comms and laughing at each other when we're too drunk to warp.

    This video IS (some of) EVE

  4. I went to a restaurant where they have pictures of the dishes. I ordered one, and it took half an hour to arrive. Then I had to look at an empty plate until the waiter took it away.

    Is the picture in the menu misleading?

    Sure, it might be more honest to take me I to the kitchen and show my food being cooked. But is that really going to make the food more interesting for the majority of restaurant guests?

  5. i disagree. people out there, the consumers, are well aware of the marketing strategies of companies (just look at the way some movie trailers play out) and i don't believe - in any context CCP intended - they were misleading.

  6. By that logic, professional sports are NOT sports because the two hours of the actual game doesn't represent the hours and hours spent practicing, lifting, and conditioning.

    1. Nooooo... a more appropriate comparison would be 30 secs of sports highlights to the actual hour long or more game. And I would argue that basing your belief on how fun the game is based on sports highlights is just as misleading.