Thursday, October 30, 2014

Shaking off the Rust

I lost two EVE sessions in October due to Thanksgiving travels one weekend and my fall Board Game Day another. Which sucks because I get rusty at FCing pretty damn quickly.

Sunday night I logged in and started putting together a fleet for the corp. We quickly grew in numbers and swtiched from a kitchen sink frigate fleet to a Rouge Squadron doctrine Algos fleet supported by interceptors and Navitas logi.

We got word of a Caldari Militia assault frigate fleet movign around Tama and we swung through Fliet's back door to try and engage them. In the battleground of Sujarento we jumped in on them and engage at point blank range on the gate. They had a couple Griffins and my target calling was rusty because at one point I primaried a couple of Harpies that I should have left for some softer Tech 1 Frigates.

Not a big deal and I internalize the lesson and we won the fight and held the field, losing 5 Algos and a single Atron and Navitas while killing 2 Harpies, an Ishkur, a Wolf, a Jaguar, a Retribution, a Kitsune, a Merlin, a Burst, and two Bantams.

We went back to Fliet and reshipped, then proceeded to scour the warzone looking for more targets. It was going pretty quiet until we got reports of two hostile pirate fleets in the Fliet area while we were deep in Black Rise region. We ran back to Essence and while an allied Gallente Militia fleet took on one fleet, we engaged the other in Heydieles.

We executed the attack a lot more smoothly this time and we only lost our initial scout Algos (don't ask, but really Marcel deserved it) and killed 4 Coercers, 2 Cormorants, an Ishkur, a Thrasher, a Jaguar, a Harpy, and a Hawk in return. Our Logi were hero's in that conflict and props to Ordo Mortis alliance who gave us that exciting finish to the night.

All hail the mighty Algos!

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