Monday, October 27, 2014

Project Vulcan - Orcas Versus Archons

To recap, early on in Project Vulcan I started producing Orcas because they required a lower level of entry investment for BPOs and could be produced entirely in High Sec. After a period of time I turned my activities to producing Archon carriers.

I think its time to evaluate which activity is better for my invested effort and is most compatible with my playstyle.

Quick stats:
4,277,208,841Total from sales
66# Orcas sold from June 2013 to ~March 2014
64,806,194Average Profit / Orca

7,667,296,552Total from sales
24# Archons sold from March 2014 to Present
319,470,690Average Profit / Archon
(both average profits exclude startup costs)

In other words, I made about 475 million ISK per month on Orcas, and about 950 million ISK per month on Archons. The effort is definitely higher when considering the transport of minerals to low sec but I've not found the time commitment too overwhelming. In fact, I've started investigating if I can get a third carrier blueprint into the rotation when my liquid ISK builds up into the multiple billions again. Even though I've made 7.6 billion ISK, I've reinvested a lot of it in BPOs to replace BPCs, bought myself a Thanatos, and at any one time I have a sizable chunk of ISK in unsold product. 

For example right now I have ISK locked up in:
1 Archon on market
2 Archons building
1 set of Archon components 
1 pile of minerals for the next set of components 
1 set of orders for minerals for the set of components after that.

Easily 6 billion ISK right there. 

So to answer my evaluation question, yes producing capitals has been a better investment of my time and effort than Orcas. Time to expand operations.


  1. How did the industry changes earlier this year impact Project Vulcan? Especially as it relates to Teams.

    1. I tried to get some teams but the bidding was fierce and the interface was useless for it so I mostly ignore them now. The Crius changes drove my costs up but sale prices of Archons rose as well so the net effect has so far been a win for me in terms of profit per ship.