Tuesday, April 08, 2014

People in Glass Houses...

Last night was a quiet night and I was plexing in Heydieles, more looking for fights than Loyalty Points. We had a small gang (~4 of us) for the plexing effort but everyone else was next door in Indregulle farming LPs.

I'm watching short scan when I see an Imperial Navy Slicer appear. I'm in my trusty Rixx Javix Special Incursus, so while a Faction frig versus Tech I frig may seem unfair I have the high ground and lots of PvP experience. I'm willing to take this fight. Sure enough, here comes the Slicer. I'm locking him and scramming him right away and he returns the favour with a neutralizer thrown in. His lasers slice through my shields and I activate the armour reppers and get ready to cycle the cap injector. Drone out, guns hot, we're on!

Its a tough, close fight. Its antimatter versus multifrequency and he's actively repairing like me. I manage my overheat to get more damage and repair without burning out my modules. My nanite paste in the ancillary repper is gone in short order. We're both taking damage and repping it, but who was going to break first?

I still hit the scanner every chance to see if more bad guys are coming when I see a Police Pursuit Comet on scan. Not good. I overheat weapons again hoping to kill the slicer before the Comet lands. Its on grid, locking me, and throwing its drones on me... but the Slicer is down! And my friends are arriving as well. I tried to grab point on the Comet but he beats it and warps off leaving his drones behind. I collect loot and post a "gf" in local before warping off to the gate to go back to Fliet to repair my barely functioning ship and log.

The Slicer pilot responds:
[ 2014.04.08 02:04:13 ] Kirith Kodachi > gf
[ 2014.04.08 02:04:22 ] Sturmvogel Ichinumi > gf

Then I see this in local from the Comet pilot:
[ 2014.04.08 02:04:30 ] ADA W0NG > good shit with boost
[ 2014.04.08 02:04:37 ] ADA W0NG > shame
[ 2014.04.08 02:04:37 ] Kirith Kodachi > NO BOOST BABY!
[ 2014.04.08 02:04:46 ] ADA W0NG > and 2 v 4?

I was stunned into silence.

The hypocrisy is strong in this one. Let's review shall we? I engage with a Slicer by myself and we fight for a good minute or two before the Comet, a corpmate of the Slicer pilot, jumps into the plex and attacks me, turning the odds from 1:1 to a 2:1 fight. And then when my friends join up, all of them in Tech 1 frigs and our opponents in Faction frigs I might add, turning the tables and giving us the 2:1 advantage, he complains in local.

ADA W0NG, next time you and your buddies message me before engaging and I'll be sure to arrange an appropriate equal-sides fight for you at the sun, OK? I mean, that's the EVE way, right? *sarcasm*


  1. Don't feel bad, we get this kind of thing all the time. No matter how bad the odds, the losers always accuse us of ganking, blobbing, or using links, drugs, whatever.

    If that Slicer was close enough for scram, the Rixx Javix special should always win!

  2. Are you sure it was a Hookbill? Hookbills don't have drones. But either way, 2v1 is nice work. And haters are gonna hate, no matter what. Next thing you'll be accused of is using links!

    1. You're right, it was a Comet :P

    2. IMO that makes it even more impressive, Comets are nasty buggers :)

  3. It's completely normal. Or you thought he'll be the first man in the history of online gaming who lost a fair fight?

    I mean in the more than a decade of online gaming, not a single man lost a fair fight. They were all blobbed, outgunned or had lag.

  4. I took a small fleet from our normal Amarr/Minmatar FW roaming space and made a long loop through OMS and Heydieles. I was kinda hoping to see you in local. Sadly, we had a bunch of fun playing with locals in OMS when we finally rolled a 1.

    At least the trip back to Hek through hisec in a rookie ship is a short one.

  5. I get this (about links) all the time too. Especially since I have started fighting higher ship classes. It is especially amusing when you are the only two people in system! They tend to get a bit huffy when you point that out.

  6. :-D I don't much see them in my pocket of Placid, but if I do, I shall be happy to "blob" the ever-loving shit out of them! ;-)
    Couple days ago, I went out duo with one of my guys. We found a Slicer chasing a Rifter in a novice plex, so we jumped them. Splashed the Slicer, the Rifter warped off right before we closed to scram range. Hilarity ensued when they proceeded to accuse the other of "bringing friends" to the fight in local. >;-D
    We don't have many "friends" -- and for lolRP reasons, none of them are in the militias. ;-)