Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Need New Blog Banter Ideas

My backlog of blog banter ideas is running low and I would like to solicit suggestions from the community. If you have an idea or ideas, please comment here or email me at kkodachi gmail com.


  1. Blog Banter ##: Gentrification

    The common wisdom in EVE Online is that, beyond the odd high-value moon or FW scam, there's little in lowsec or NPC nullsec to the attract ongoing attention of the big-dogs of nullsec, with their large fleets and supercap doctrines. It's assumed that NPC space
    simply isn't worth the bother of controlling even if one could control it.

    Is this about to change?

    The shift in industrial efficiencies from highsec to NPC lowsec/nullsec has begun, adding value to NPC space outside of highsec. In the recent B0TLRD accords CFC claimed two NPC nullsec regionsanch and Syndicate, as part of the CFC sphere of influence.

    What is the future of lowsec and NPC nullsec as the economic center of gravity shifts from highsec toward nullsec?

  2. Just banged these off. Sorry if they have been done as I'm too tired, today, and lazy, most of the time, to bother checking. If you likem their yours. If not, their still yours.

    1) In-game weekly newspapers. Delivered to the door (mailbox) of those who subscribe.
    2) Describe (feel free to make ANYTHING up) your corp's "wished for" progression over the next two years play.
    3) Variation of (1): How to incorporate political parties into Eve and why.
    4) Not much in Eve is random. Should randomness be more prevalent?
    5) Implants are lost on pod kill. Should a percentage of skill points be lost too?
    6) War & conflict. Should that have effect on production, extraction, humans, system stability?
    7) Racial standing. NPCorporate standing. Should they have effects in NPC space comparable to what Pcorp members have in PC space?
    8) Is Space too small?
    9) Lots of ships in Eve. And people. But is actual game play too dry?
    10) WIS. Describe it.
    11) Corporate space station. Describe it.
    12) Do POCOs need fuel? Do ships?
    13) Let NPC pirates and police shoot pods?

    That's enuff. Remember, I'm lazy. And tired, don't forget that.

  3. What do you think could be done to make lowsec its own endgame? Like WH and Nullsec.

    Obviously it should include being a small gang/solo paradise. But what PVE, Industry and other stuff should be changed or added to make it more of its own space?

  4. What recent changes have improved your game? Why?

    What recent changes did you think you wanted but now would like rolled back? Why?

    What 1 item is broken in your play style? How do you fix it? Who's game will this break?

    How do you play Eve? Why should we play Eve your way?

    What happened the last time you invited a first life friend into Eve?

    Eve is a game driven by player content. What content do you create?

    (if this is a duplicate please delete)

  5. 1. Blue doughnut.
    2. Why vote for a CSM rep?
    3. What the upcoming movement of refining from high sec to null sec means for Eve

  6. Ghost Stories

    We are immortal. Not for us the petty, planet bound chains of life. Not for us the fears that walk hand in hand with living a single life, real or imagined. We are fearless. Or are we? What scares a capsuleer? What tales would capsuleers tell to scare each other as they sit around their gatecamps? What goes bump in the endless and eternal night?

  7. I've always wanted to do a Blog Banter, but for a long while, RL was keeping me away from anything EVE-related. I could probably get inspired about at least 80% of the topics above.

    "What content do you create?" is a topic the alliances I'm involved with have been talking about a lot lately, and I'd love to see more community dialogue on that.

  8. Suggestion:

    Should CCP do more to alert players about CSM using in-game elements (like billboards) or should it be entirely up to CSM members to be proactive and figure out how to reach players whose focus is solely on the game and not on blogs, podcasts, or forums? Do such players deserve the effort to get their attention, if they themselves put out no effort to engage in the community outside the game client?

    1. Anonymous10:12 am

      I feel ccp do need to make more effort to interact with the player base. Theres too many times they drop their sucky ideas and expect us just to follow along like good little dogys. I don't feel theres anyway to actually respond to their brainfarts. The csm are basically alliance puppets so just follow the whim of their masters

  9. Probably been done before... What about local force projection (as opposed to the longer distance force projection that is often talked about)? I think of 'terrain' in EVE to be how systems are mapped together by gates. Strong tactics which exploit terrain have historically been extremely important in deciding battle outcomes. How does this apply in EVE in the presence of cynos?