Monday, April 07, 2014

Endorsements for CSM9

Once again we're in the election cycle for Council of Stellar Management and I feel compelled to endorse candidates to vote for. For details on how I pick my endorsements, see this post from last year called "Earning Endorsements".

This year I'm going to give my top 5 candidates followed by several others that are on my list. I will admit I have not had time to listen to all candidate interviews but I'm listened to many and I think I have a feel for what I'd like to see.

1) Sugar Kyle

A fellow long time blogger and low sec resident, I was initially worried that Sugar would be too passive or laid back to discuss topics with the other CSM members if elected based on her writing style and perceived personality. After several interviews on podcasts I saw I had the wrong impression and she moved quickly up the ladder from a possible vote selection to my top vote selection. Smart, good communicator, and understands the fabric of low sec space? Yes please!

2) Ali Aras

Ali has been a standout member of CSM 8 and I like a lot about her and her approach to CSM duties. My one concern is her demonstrated inability on Declarations of War podcast to swing punches with Alekseyev Karde and Ninjaturtle in impromptu debates and I wonder if in CSM confines she is better debating with typed words rather than spoken (something I am very familiar with). Regardless, the word from other CSMs is universally positive so my concern is low.

3) Mike Azariah

My third endorsement from last year is the same this year! I'm pleased with how Mike did on the CSM and I see no reason to not endorse him again. His viewpoint on casual high sec play is valuable in a room dominated by intense "serious" players from other regions.

4) Psychotic Monk

I endorsed him last year and still think he would bring a good differing viewpoint to the table. I wish he had blogged more since last year to get more visibility and see more on his views.

5) mynnna

I was not surprised that mynnna performed well on the CSM 8 because Goons take the role seriously and only send candidates to the elections that will work hard at representing them. I was surprised during his interviews for this election cycle how much I agreed with what he said, and coupled with the praise from other CSM8 members, convinced me that it would behoove me to show him my support. Conversely, I cannot stress how much I don't endorse Sion Kumitomo, the other Goon candidate.

* * * * *

Other candidates on my list in no particular order:
Mangala Solaris
DJ FunkyBacon
Xander Phoena
James Arget
Steve Ronuken
Asayanami Dei


  1. How can you endorse FunkyBacon given his staunch defense of Erotica 1?

    1. To endorse a candidate, I don't need to agree with everything they do, as long as they are logical and debate in good faith. I don't feel Funky endorses Erotica 1's behaviour, but is more concerned with the integrity of the sandbox as a whole. I don't agree with him, but I don't think it will impact his role on the CSM as a low sec / faction war representative player.

    2. Reread my post about earning endorsements to see point 1.

  2. Your sound very strongly against Scion Kumitomo. Can you say why? He appears to have a very valuable vantage and experience set and seems very competent and mature. What leads you to come out against him?