Monday, April 28, 2014

Moving On - Goodbye Shaitann

When I started EVE Online I looked in EVEMon and saw a Wyvern mothership and fell in love. Something about that form and style appealed to me in a visceral and inappropriate manner. But then I saw how much they cost and how hard they were to obtain and my dream evaporated. I settled for aiming for a Chimera, a ship whose aesthetic was far more jarring and abrasive. Over time I learned to love the rugged and angry look of the Chimera but never forgot my first crush.

Then, a few years into the game, I realized I was wealthy. I had tons of assets and liquid ISK and suddenly saving up for that Wyvern supercarrier seemed possible. I scrimped, sold assets, worked hard, and found a seller. And on April 21st, 2010 I became a supercap pilot.

While I was living in null sec as part of the Northern Coalition I got to use the ship a few times in structure bashes, but ever since coming back to live in low sec for the past couple years, I never get to use it. Its been gathering dust, a victim of my casual playstyle and sub-cap majority theater. I could try and breka it out for the occasional IHub or POCO bash but a supercap being used in low sec with minimal support is like blood in the water for Shadow Cartel and Pandemic Legion sharks.

So faced with the fact that my playstyle and area were not going to change, I decided it was time to let the ship go on and face its destiny in another's hands. Last night I sold Shaitann and bid her a tearful farewell.

On the upside, I have some spare ISK in my wallet... whatever shall we do with it?